July 3, 2013

Moving - once more...

Lots of updates - Jordan quit his job at Cardinal and started working for his dad's farm. We also decided to start a machine shop in CC. Big jump. Very nervewracking. We've moved to cc.... don't ask me how I feel about this. Jordan's stoked. I've been promoted to work in the front office at work. Pretty excited. Pay upgrade. YEAHHH!! 35 minute drive to and from work everyday. BOOOOOO.... We get a duplex - which means a yard! a garage! less noisy neighbors! THREE bedrooms! TWO bathrooms!!! Company weight loss challenge? I lost 21 pounds and got 4th place... and sixty bucks! Crazy life. Lovely life. Supportive wife. say, think, repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat

January 1, 2013

December 26, 2012

Merry December!

Ok, Jordan married into a pretty tricky situation when it comes to ... December. Fist off, our anniversary is the 17th - and this will be our first anniversary, so expectations are high. We planned a trip to Lincoln just to get away from the busyness of life and have some time to ourselves. Well, we went to Lincoln and Jordan decided he would like to visit a couple dealerships to check out the new trucks. Being a wonderful wife, I said "Sure. Cool" Oops. After spending 4 hours among 3 dealerships, driving some sweet test drives that were waaaaay out of any price range we rapidly discussed in the parking lot, and haggling with 2 poor poor salesmen.... we left with nothing. And Jordan had severly cut into my "normal lunchtime" and it ended up being 3:30 before we got any lunch. Poor guy had to deal with a grumpy wife. Poor me had do deal with a slightly ridiculous husband. But Red Robin cures all ails. :) And the rest of our Lincoln trip went smoothly, and we had a lot of fun! Secondly, my birthday is the 22nd. And I turned 21, so even bigger expectations. No drunken party, but my dad bought me my first glass of wine (I downed it and declared myself a connoisseur moments later), and JOrdan presented me with..... A KEURIG!!!!! My babe did pretttty good picking that one out! Third - It's Christmas! And after a heated and unexpected weekend of arguing about the in-laws versus the in-laws, Christmas morning was a beautiful time for Jordan and I to start our own tradition of sleeping in and opening presents from each other in front of the tree. I felt pretty creative this year, as I talked our downstairs neighbor into hiding my present from Jordan for 2 weeks... I let him on a scavenger hunt (with a total of three clues as I knew he wouldn't be up for a full-blown hunt so "early" in the morning) that finished with his new grill at the bottom of our stairs. He was completely surprised, which was what I was aiming for, and pretty stoked. Then he gave me a KITCHENIAD MIXER! wOOt wOOt!!! Pretty freakin' excited about that. So all in all, Jordan did pretty good with December this year.... gold star!

November 6, 2012

Organize, organize, organize!

At the end of September, Jordan and I carried on with our normal day-to-day lives. We had no cares in the world, went to work everyday, and relaxed at night. Four days into October, I had a sudden panic...

I forgot to pay rent!!!!

I hurriedly called the landlord and asked if it was too late to pay without a late fee. I was so worried, I jumbled my words and the secretary told me it was too late - She had already sent our eviction notice! Well, then I was really worried!!! Thankfully, after she looked up our account and saw we were simply four days late rather than months late, she informed me that we were perfectly fine - no late fee!

At the end of October, Jordan and I carried on with our normal day-to-day lives. We had no cares in the world, went to work everyday, and relaxed at night. Four days into November, I had a sudden panic....

I forgot to pay rent... again!!!!

After these two embarrassing incidents, I resolved to make our lives more organized. I sat down today, printed off blank calendars and started jotting notes (most of them "Rent" "RENT" "RENT!!")
I also am firmly convinced to start filing papers better in our now-empty-soon-to-be-fuller filing cabinet.

Thankfully, I married a very organized man who is going to help me with this project. And I will try to keep accountable here as well - maybe that will help me stay organized after I get organized!

October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween! Well, I hope it's happy for you - no tricks, just treats! We had a total of 11 trick-or-treaters tonight. Yep. Eleven.

My neighbor down the street had 404. You heard me right. Four hundred four children came to her house for candy. Crazy! She told me last week that, after the kids trick-or-treat in the mall, they come straight down our street. After her warning, I went out and bought two more bags of candy (we didn't have much left of our first bag - thanks to Jordan haha).

And I passed out eleven pieces. Hello, twenty extra pounds thanks to fun-sized chocolate.

October 8, 2012


How do you learn to cook dinner for a picky husband in only thirty minutes after work?

If anyone has the answer, let me know. kthanksbye.

September 23, 2012

I had the best day with you today.

Yesterday, Jordan and I went to the Husker vs. Idaho game! And we absolutely had a blast! We started the day by sleeping in (always a sign that Jordan will be in a good mood that day lol) then getting ready - and realizing that Jordan does not own a single red t-shirt (Which constitutes as the eighth deadly sin in Nebraska). So, once I "finally" finished my hair we made a quick run to TJMaxx, found a shirt for seven dollars, filled the car up with gas, and drove through Baristas for a Pumpkin Spice Chai.
By the way, pumpkin spice chai is 19,799,000 times better than a pumpkin spice latte from starbucks. Jus' sayin.
All in all, we only left town about twenty minutes late. We hit the road and found ourselves in the familiarly busy east-bound lane of the interstate, looking longingly at the completely bare west-bound lane across the ditch. Every person in every car was wearing red. Even the one from Massachusetts. We drove through Wendy's in York, and I got the "W" hamburger. Just for the pickles. Don't judge me.
Once we got to Lincoln, we started to hit heavy traffic. Here was our conversation.

"We should just park here and walk"
"No, let's try to find something in the Haymarket."
"Look at all these people. Let's walk."
"No! I'm sure we can find something!"
"Well, I'm not paying a dang twenty bucks to park in a garage."
"We're just gonna have to walk, babe."
"Ok........ I need to pee."
"Here, let's pull into the sketchy person's yard, pay them fifteen dollars, and hope that they won't break into this beauty of an Impala."

Well, that last sentence didn't happen, but after some tension, we found some parking that was a reasonable distance from the stadium and wasn't extremely overpriced. Then we as we were walking, we stopped at a Casey's along the way and I waited for twenty minutes in a forever-long line for the bathroom. I'm telling you, even with fourteen girls waiting on you, some women still feel the need to primp in front of the mirror. Sigh.
Anyway, we got the stadium, found our seats (they were pretty stinkin' awesome seats, too!) and sat for about an hour before the band and baton-twirlers came out. Explain that to me. Who practices baton-twirling anymore?
Now, rumor had it that the Huskers were supposed to stomp the Idaho team pretty badly. We just didn't know how badly. We cheered for touchdown after touchdown and at halftime, I think the score was 52-0. Honestly, the game got a little dull in the second and third quarters. The crowd started the wave, which actually worked. (I have never seen one get all the way around a stadium before) Not only did it work, but it went around four times, then switched to a "slow-motion" wave, then a fast wave then we all had two waves going around the stadium in opposite directions. It was supremely entertaining. (It started during a long timeout, and it took the crowd several minutes to realize the game had started again)
Anyway, quite a few people had lost the momentum feeling when the score reached 66-0, and many fans started leaving. We stayed, and I'm glad we did.
The other team scored a touchdown and got the point after. Now, to understand why this was such a big deal, you have to know that Runza (a Nebraska-only chain restaurant that serves amazing food) prints on the back of every ticket that if the Huskers hold the other team to 10 points or less, everyone who went to the game gets a freee Runza sandwich. Big deal. Back to the game - Nebraska had put in their fourth or fifth string players, so our defense was lacking. Idaho was ten yards away from a touchdown. Jordan leaned over to me and said "I hope they don't get this. I want my free Runza!" I looked around the stadium, and I though everyone else was hoping the same thing for the same reason! In that last few minutes, the crowd cheered louder than they had the whole game. I kid you not, people were on their feet, screaming, and throwing the crossbones. During a quick timeout we heard a faint, "I WANT MY FREE RUNZAAAAA!!!!" from the nosebleed section. Well, our cheering must've worked! They didn't score, and the final score was Huskers 73 to Idaho 7.
It was a very fun game, but Jordan and I are terrible at remembering to take pictures, so we only got one before the game started. We walked back out to where we parked our car and tried to figure out what we wanted for supper. Wow, was that ever hard. I don't know why, but neither of us could decide anything! We killed some time by going to the mall to maybe see some of my old coworkers. Well, I saw one, but it was the one I absolutely couldn't stand when I worked there, so that was a little bit of a letdown! Haha, anyway, we finally ended up at Red Lobster, where I chowed down on Coconut Shrimp and Jordan enjoyed.... chicken.
After eating, Jordan all of a sudden got suuuuper sleepy, so I drove us home through construction - ugh. Oh well, at least we got home! :)
Today, we went to church and got our free Runzas for lunch! We cleaned our apartment (that  took all of ten minutes lol) and now we're just relaxing. Pretty good weekend, huh? :)